More Australians lumped with mortgage later in life

Because they are delaying the purchase of their first home, more Australians will have a mortgage later in life, according to The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute.

Money Saving Tips – 7 ways to save money

2016 Census: what does it tell us about housing in Australia?

The data in the 2016 census confirms trends we already know about: the population is growing strongly, fewer people own their homes, more people are renting, and household size is shrinking.

Property Tips – DIY renovations and how to find the best tradies

Your Investment Property asked leading reno expert Cherie Barber to answer your questions on renovations. This month Cherie tackles questions on DIY renovations and how to find the best tradies.

How to: Create a budget

In a world of cash-less transactions and tap and pay, it is becoming increasingly easy to spend away your hard-earned money. Taking control of your money and having money left over to put into savings is possible. Understanding how much money comes into and out of your household is important and means you can be […]

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