Article: How much is your time worth?

Burning out from exhaustion or wasting too much time due to lack of knowledge or unrealistic expectations is one of the worst things that can happen to buyers.

Money Saving Tips – How to save money on food

There are lots of ways to cut costs at the supermarket checkout without going hungry or sacrificing quality. Here are some ways you can save money on your groceries.

Money Saving Tips – Avoiding the January blues

With advance planning, the festive season can be a lot of fun without costing a bomb.

Gary’s top home loan tips

You could be losing over $50,000 by not knowing your current mortgage interest rate! – Assured Home Loans

It’s a fact, we all work very hard for our money so wouldn’t you be interested to know if you were losing a cool $50,000 over the term of your loan just by not checking your mortgage interest rate?

Money Saving Tips – Keeping on top of your bills

Do you have trouble keeping on top of your bills? You probably receive some sort of bill every month.

Money Saving Tips – Preparing a budget

If you’re continually seeing failure at budgeting, the best place to look is usually at the fundamentals. It only takes a fundamental mis-step or two to transform a well-planned and well-formed budget into a complete disaster.

Get a discount every time you shop – Assured Home Loans

Remember when grocery stores first started offering discount vouchers for petrol? What a fantastic idea. Everyone likes getting a discount, especially without having to barter for it! Well I’d like to share a money saving idea with you that doesn’t mean you have to stash hundreds of grocery receipts in your car.