Don’t scrimp on loan repayments – Assured Home Loans

With household costs on the rise, many mortgagees are struggling to balance their budgets. It’s not surprising more Australians are skipping mortgage payments to help make ends meet.

Money Saving Tips – Double your deposit in half the time

Saving is never an easy thing to do and saving for a deposit on a home is twice as hard. However, with the right strategy in place, your savings can grow and grow, cutting the waiting time to your own home in half. 

Money Saving Tips – Compare and Save

I really feel I need to start this month’s edition of everyday money saving tips by congratulating you. I must say, I’m really impressed to see that such a large majority of readers of the Assured Informer are interested in saving money and are not only reading my tips but taking action once each month […]

Money Saving Tips – Budgeting Tips Plus FREE DOWNLOADS to your bill payment system and free online book think & grow rich

Well it looks as though summer has left us behind and autumn has well and truly set in.  Now that you’re indoors a little more, it’s a great time to sit down and catch up on those things you know you should do but keep putting off.

Property Tips – Why ignoring home security can be a disasterr

If you are time poor and unable to assess the security requirements for your home consult your local locksmith or security professional.