Money Saving Tips – Could solar save you?

Money Saving Tips – Are frequent flyer cards worth it?

Looking at ways to save money can be achieved in many different ways. I’m sure you’ll agree everybody’s favourite way to save is to get something for free, especially when it’s something you were going to dip into your savings to purchase. Frequent flyer cards promote the opportunity to gain freebies just by using their […]

Money Saving Tips – Avoid a Post Christmas Financial Hangover

Yes it’s that time of year again that seems to sneak up on us so quickly and whether you love it or hate it, chances are you’ll get caught up in the Christmas shopping fever.

Money Saving Tips – Throwing Away Food Is Like Throwing Away Money

Recent research by the Australian government has shown we are spending around $7.8 billion dollars a year on food that doesn’t get eaten. That’s over $1,000 each year for the average Aussie household spent making garbage!

Money Saving Tips – Hang on to your cash. Protect your passwords and PINs.

Many of us stick to predictable passwords and PINs, and so fail to adequately protect our cash! As a code-breaking buff, I have shelves of books on cryptography. If these works have taught me anything, it is that humans are the weakest links in any code system.