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Beat Interest Rate Rises – Assured Home Loans

It is always wise for borrowers to plan strategies to beat any future interest rate rises. Here are my Top 5 Tips:

Thieves swipe millions off cards

ONE in four Australians have fallen victim to credit card thieves who pilfer hundreds of millions of dollars a year from unsuspecting cardholders.

Ten great ways to to save money on your next utilities bill

It’s almost disturbing the number of people you encounter who have no idea what company supplies the utilities to their home. Even more disturbing is the number of people who don’t take any measures at all towards saving money on their gas and electricity.

Money Saving Tips – Easy ways to reduce your home bills

Clever tips to make sure you pay less

Money Saving Tips – Managing Debts: Paying of Your Loan Faster

Keep up with your repayments. If you keep up with or make extra repayments on your loans, you can get rid of your debt faster. You will save money in interest payments and take a financial load off your shoulders. Find out how you can reduce your home loan and credit card debts.

How to get out of debt using the debt snowball method – Assured Home Loans

A different approach to get out of debt and one that I personally love. If you have multiple debts most financial advisers will say to pay off the one with the highest interest rate first and move down your list. Saving money wise this makes perfect sense as the debt with the highest interest rate […]