Smaller lenders vs the big banks

Small Lenders vs. the Big Banks

If you’re ready to apply for a home loan, chances are you’ve already considered whether your existing local bank will be the right lender to provide your mortgage. However, if you’re with a smaller bank it might be tempting to look towards some of the larger financial institutions instead. Choosing the right home loan to […]

Principal and interest home loan

What is a Principal and Interest Home Loan?

A Principal and Interest home loan is a mortgage designed to allow you to pay off the amount you borrow by the end of the loan term. The objective is that the borrower will eventually repay the debt and own the property outright. Principal and Interest repayments can apply to home loans with either a […]

Refinance Home Loan

Should I Refinance? How to decide whether to refinance your home loan.

Should you refinance your existing home loan or stick to the one you already have? It can be challenging to decide which the right option might be, especially with so many lenders advertising such competitive interest rates. However, just because another bank or lender offers a lower interest rate doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up […]

First home buyer

Top 10 Property Investment Strategies

There are plenty of different ways to build wealth through property.  Unfortunately, choosing the right strategy to suit you can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve been receiving conflicting advice or spoken to different experts about your options.

Top 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Investment Property

Buying an investment property can be a great way to create wealth and build up a healthy nest-egg for retirement. Yet the biggest problem many people face is choosing the right investment property to suit their financial needs. What works for one investor’s strategy may not work for your individual situation, so it’s important to […]

How to Get a Home Loan: 7 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting Your Mortgage Approved

Before you rush out to hunt for your dream home, have you considered how you’ll get a home loan? Getting your home loan approved is much easier when you know what lenders are looking for before you submit your application. Here are some things to consider.

What Is Conveyancing?

If you’re buying or selling a home, chances are you’ll need to deal with a conveyancer to complete the transaction. The primary purpose of conveyancing is to transfer the title of ownership in land from one owner to another.

What Is A Mortgage Broker

With so many different banks, credit unions, building societies and other lending institutions to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will be best suited to your needs. Fortunately, a mortgage broker can help you compare the options available and even arrange special deals. A mortgage broker acts on your behalf to […]

What Is An Offset Account

Using a mortgage offset account could potentially cut years off your home loan and slash the amount of interest you pay at the same time. Offset accounts are simply transaction or savings accounts that are linked to your home loan. The balance you have in your account at any time is ‘offset’ each day against […]

What Is Home Equity

If you’re paying off a mortgage on your own home or an investment property, it’s likely you could have some home equity. When used correctly, your home equity could potentially be a surprisingly useful financial tool. The word ‘equity’ means ownership. Your home equity refers to the amount of ownership you’ve built up in your […]