Investment Property Loans

It’s always a good time to look at investing in property and you don’t have to be a property tycoon to do it. Many people who have come to Assured are ordinary mums and dads, singles, average income earners and so on. So if you’ve ever thought about investing in property, chances are it’s easier than you think.

Assured’s Top 11 Reasons to Invest In Property

  1. Use the lenders money to buy your asset.
    Unlike many other types of investments property is an asset which is relatively easy to obtain a loan for.
  2. Use other people’s money to pay off your asset.
    The great thing about investing in property is that because you are receiving rent, you’re using other people’s money to pay off your investment!
  3. Use other people’s money to pay off your asset.
    The great thing about investing in property is that because you are receiving rent, you’re using other people’s money to pay off your investment!
  4. Tax deductions
    Any money you spend on your investment property, including maintenance costs, depreciation and the interest is tax deductible against your income.
  5. You’re investing in an appreciating asset
    Over time, property has proven to appreciate well. Whilst a new Ferrari may seem like a good idea, it will depreciate over time. Always look to invest in an appreciating asset.
  6. A predictable investment
    Over the long term, investing in real estate has proven to be a reliable investment, making it a low risk option for investing.
  7. Build wealth
    The equity you build in your investment property will grow over time and this will give you the opportunity to use that equity to purchase future properties. Even Donald Trump started somewhere.
  8. Enjoy the benefits of a holiday home
    With more and more people enjoying ‘short holidays’ and long weekend getaways, purchasing a holiday home as an investment is becoming more popular. Not only do you get all the benefits of a regular investment property, there are times when you can enjoy using the property too!
  9. Setup up for your retirement
    With good planning, investment properties can be a great source of reliable income, especially in your retirement.
  10. Sack the boss and become a property investor
    Good property growth and rental returns are extremely achievable. If you’re serious about property investing, who knows, it could become your full time passion.
  11. Earn money while you sleep
    If you have a great property manager, there is very little you will have to do to earn money from your investment property.

Assured Investment Property Client example

Let me tell you about a real life Assured Home Loans client who first came to us back in 1998.

Joe first came to Assured looking to purchase his first property. His first purchase in 1988 was a unit in Tusmore valued at $84,000. By 2002 the property value had increased to $165,000. With the built up equity in his home, Joe bought another two properties; a unit in Campbelltown for $100,000 and another in Paradise for $75,000. Joe did not use any additional cash savings to purchase these new properties, just the equity in his existing property. Jo simply leveraged off the current property he owned, the equity that had built up in his very first investment. By 2007 the three properties, which were bought for a total of $259,000 were now worth $570,000. That’s an increase in wealth of $311,000! Ask yourself, could you save that much cash?

Joe didn’t stop there, however you can see through these 3 purchases and the equity building up each year just how powerful it can be using leveraging equity and duplicating the process with investment properties. Duplication is simply when you repeat the process each time there is sufficient equity in the properties you own.

It only takes one investment property to get started! If you have equity in your home or cash in the bank earning minimal interest, now is this best time to get started with your first investment property.

Please remember that with all investments you should always talk to your accountant and/or financial advisor for advice.

Property Investment Home Loans

Assured offers a wide range of home loans suited to property investors

Construction Home Loan

A great option for investing in property is to build. Assured Home Loans offers a range of construction home loans for investors. Construction loans are generally interest only for the building period, but then you are able to select from a variable rate, fixed rate home loan, line of credit and so on.

Low Doc Loan

A Low Doc loan (low documentation) requires a declaration and BAS statement. They usually come with a higher interest rate. Assured offers a broad range of low doc loans, which are ideally suited to self-employed people unable to provide evidence of income

Standard Fixed Rate Home Loan

Fixed rate mortgages are also popular with investors because they offer you the security of a fixed rate (which means set repayments) for a given period. This means you have the peace of mind when it comes to budgeting, knowing that your repayments aren’t going to change on you for the term you have selected. Fixed rates can range from 6 months to 10 years.

Standard Variable Rate Home loan

A Standard Variable rate mortgage is traditionally the most popular type of home loan offering plenty of useful features and flexibility. The rate goes up and down depending on the market. A variable rate home loan can be linked to an offset account, helping to reduce your overall interest.

Basic Variable Rate Home Loan

A basic variable rate mortgage is simple to understand and easy to use and is ideal for borrowers who are looking to make minimum payments and require less flexibility than a standard variable rate loan.

Line Of Credit

A line of credit allows you to only pay interest on the money you actually utilise. These products allow you to utilise the equity in your property. You can use these funds for any personal purpose and like a credit card, any principal repaid is available to redraw. This type of home loan is especially attractive to investors who need ready access to funds.

Interest Only Home Loan

Perfect for investors, an interest only mortgage will help you maximise the cash flow on your property.

Assured makes applying for a home loan easy