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Assured Home Loans Australian Credit Licence Number 389 483     |     ACN 066 462 977
Assured Property Group RLA 282033     |     Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.
For more information see the terms & conditions below


1. Offer:
Assured Property Group (APG) offers to provide one guarantee per signed and executed building contract, subject to the Buyer satisfying and strictly complying with the Eligibility Criteria and Redemption Criteria.

2. Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible for the Assured Owner Occupied Guarantee (AOOG) the Buyer must:

  1. purchase a property facilitated through APG;
  2. enter a standard building contract with Alete Homes;
  3. intend the property to be for owner occupied use only;
  4. settle the loan required for the purchase of property noted on the front of the certificate via Assured Home Loans (AHL);
  5. complete settlement of the purchase on time and in accordance with the terms of the Contract; and
  6. complete and sign the account details section on the certificate, as to where the funds are to be deposited once redemption criteria has been satisfied

3. Redemption Criteria:

  1. Buyer has submitted the original copy of the AOOG certificate to APG at slab pour
  2. The Buyer has authorised the payment of the slab invoice within 7 days of receipt
  3. Confirmation from Alete Homes that slab payment has been received from the Buyer – Payment of guarantee paid within 14 days of this confirmation

4. General provisions:

  1. The CEO of APG will sign a numbered Guarantee Certificate at the same time as the building contract is executed by the Buyer and a fully signed AOOG certificate will then be returned to the Buyer with the Contract.
  2. Payment of guarantee will be made within 14 days of confirmation from Alete Homes that the slab pour payment has been received
  3. APG is not responsible for any loss or damage (however it arises) which you may suffer or incur arising of or in connection with any building contract you enter into.
  4. Alete Homes is not a member of the Assured Group of companies, and the Assured Group takes no responsibility for and does not warrant the ability of the builder to enter into or carry out its obligations under a building contract on time or at all.
  5. The Guarantee is not available in conjunction with any other promotion or offer by APG
  6. All Guarantees are inclusive of GST.
  7. APG and its related entities will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any person who relies upon the information in any advertisement relating to the Guarantee or participates in the promotion except for any liability that cannot be excluded by the law.
  8. APG may give notice to all parties involved that this Guarantee could be withdrawn at any time, except those where an Alete Homes standard building contract has been executed.
  9. Without exception, the AOOG will only be paid by APG if these terms and conditions are strictly complied with and the Buyer will have no claim or other rights against APG because of non-compliance with, or non-satisfaction of, the above conditions that result in nonfulfillment of the Guarantee.