How to sell high in a low market – Assured Home Loans

About to sell? Who do you target your property to– and how?

Money Saving Tips – Get 50% Back on Education Expenses!

Every month I engage in a search and discover mission to find everyday ways to save money so I can share them with you. One thing that all of us have in common is paying the tax man! Making sure you claim everything you’re entitled to can see you taking your money back from the tax […]

Saving thousands: Blast your mortgage into oblivion – Assured Home Loans

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to buy your dream home? For residents of Canberra, camping out in freezing temperatures for a week is de rigueur thanks to its pricey housing market. Over the three months to the end of May, Canberra’s residential prices rose 3.7% – the biggest rise of all capital cities, according […]

Money Saving Tips – 10 Money Apps for your iPhone including 6 Free Apps!

10 Money Saving Apps for iPhone Everywhere I go these days I carry my trusty iPhone with me and if you have an iPhone, I’m sure you’re exactly the same. With this amazing little device we carry being so easily accessible and full of endless information, it can be a great tool to manage, grow […]

Property Tips – Should you renovate before selling?

Sometimes a good spring clean and a coat of paint is all a property needs to attract more buyers, writes Paul Bond.