Property Tips – Move, redesign or renovate?

The decision to move – or stay put and renovate – is often made as much with our hearts as with our heads.

Money Saving Tips – Break the bad money habits

MOST children learn their money habits from observing and listening to their parents and relatives. Scary, isn’t it? And those habits can often last a lifetime.

Mastering loyalty Cards

If used wisely, loyalty cards can deliver benefits. But before rushing out and joining a million different schemes, do your homework and find a scheme that best matches your spending habits. Whether you start paying all your bills with your credit card, or you simply make sure you get a stamp every time you buy […]

Money Saving Tips – Identity theft

Identity theft is a crime where your personal details are used by another person to commit fraud or access your money. It can range from somebody using your credit card to make purchases over the internet to the complete takeover of your identity.

Property Tips – Lighting your home: everything you need to know

Your lighting choices can have a significant impact on style, comfort, energy savings, and property value – here are a few pointers on how to find what’s best for you.

6 Ways To Save Money This Week

The cost of living is always going up, and it gets harder to find ways to save – so we’ve targeted six areas of your life where you can ease the pressure on your budget starting right now