Don’t keep up with the Joneses; they’re broke – Assured Home Loans

Spending money for the sake of flaunting wealth used to be an activity reserved for celebrities and millionaires – yet somewhere along the way it crept into suburbia.

100 Ways to Save Money

Money Saving Tips – 5 ways to ruin your finances

Despite the answer to nearly any question being available at our fingertips, many of us continue to make really basic financial mistakes. It’s tough to conquer one’s finances, and take control of the future. If it was easy, heck the world would be a very different place. Because we’re not there yet, here is a […]

Sensible things to do with your extra money

If you get extra money or a windfall such as a tax refund, a bonus, or an inheritance, you might be tempted to splurge on things you don’t need.

Money Saving Tips – Buying property: the art of negotiating

You’d imagine that buying a property would be as simple and straightforward as purchasing any other desired item. You’d see an advertisement and attend an open, ask the estate agent for the property’s price, submit a fair offer – perhaps expecting a little bit of argy-bargy along the way – before reaching a final agreement. […]