Property Tips – Five questions to ask yourself before buying a home

Owning your own home is often referred to as the Great Australian Dream, but with any major purchase, comes a laundry list of responsibilities. If you’re not buying to invest but buying to live in, the stability of staying in one place often means a loss of flexibility and with the opportunity to build equity […]

Money Saving Tips – 5 Ways to Save $500 This Month – Assured Home Loans

Welcome back to money saving tips. I hope you all enjoyed a great Easter break with a bumper sized 5 days off! I’m sure many of you caught up on some long overdue jobs around the home or took advantage of the time and enjoyed a well deserved break.

Money Saving Tips – How to budget holiday Gift Spending

Shopping for gifts doesn’t have to lead to financial stress. Learn how to budget your holiday gift spending, and make this the year that you finally come in on (or under) budget.

Money Saving Tips – 6 quick tips to avoid impulse spending

Six quick money saving tips to stop you falling into the trap of ‘Impulse Buying’. These tips, courtesy of Mrs humble savers, who has a background in psychology. Ultimately, the goal is to establish new behaviours that will see you stick to a savings plan, as opposed to spending recklessly. It is difficult these days […]