Money Saving Tips – 6 quick tips to avoid impulse spending

Six quick money saving tips to stop you falling into the trap of ‘Impulse Buying’. These tips, courtesy of Mrs humble savers, who has a background in psychology.

Ultimately, the goal is to establish new behaviours that will see you stick to a savings plan, as opposed to spending recklessly. It is difficult these days to remain disciplined to your savings plan, as there are a lots of highly paid marketers out there trying prise your savings away from you.

1. Beware of prominent colourful shop displays – These displays have one goal, to entice your emotions so you get your money out before you can think logically
2. Make a list before you go shopping and stick to it! – It takes discipline, but you can do this if your try. This tip alone will save you a fortune over time.
3. When you get the urge to splurge, walk away and think about the purchase – Ask yourself “Do you really need or just want this?”
4. Take a limited amount of money when you go shopping (and leave credit card at home) – This is a big step to avoid the temptation to overspending
5. Shop with a thrifty friend – Peer group pressure; theres nothing like it for getting you to spend less!
6. Beware of the bargain bins – Not only could they be selling last year’s fashion leftovers; they are strategically placed to get you into the store to buy the expensive goodies

The best method to change your spending ways is practice – So don’t give up on a savings plan, stick at it and with time it becomes second nature.