Assured’s Guide To Property Investing

Part 7 – Residential mortgage options

Assured has a range of competitively priced mortgage options which can help you invest in a slice of Australia’s property market.

Residential mortgage options:

  • Standard variable mortgage – Our Standard Variable mortgage is a popular choice for investors offering plenty of useful features plus a competitive interest rate. It can also be linked to an offset account, reducing your overall interest.
  • Standard fixed rate loan mortgage – Enjoy the surety of a fixed rate for a given period – usually, from 6 months to 5 years. A fixed rate makes budgeting easier and is a real plus if rates rise.
  • Basic variable mortgage – This mortgage is simple to understand and easy to use, yet packed with the features you need in a loan, it offers a highly competitive rate.
  • Assured’s line of credit – Equity Line or Revolving – allows you to only pay interest on the money you actually utilise.
  • Low Doc loan – requires a declaration and BAS statement. They usually come with a higher interest rate. Assured offers a broad range of low doc loans, which are ideally suited to self-employed people unable to provide evidence of income.
  • Interest-only loan – Maximise the cash flow on your property with an interest only loan option.
  • Professional package loans – Professional packages are usually available to eligible borrowers taking out loans over $200,000. They combine a mortgage and credit card with special discounts. Phone us for more information (08) 83 600 200.

You have choice

With 30+ bank and non-bank lenders for you to choose from, including the big 4 banks, we’ve done the homework for you and our advice is totally free.

After 20 years experience dealing with lenders, we’re also able to offer you expert advice and explain the merits of each loan in simple to understand terms. You get all the help you need to choose the best home loan for your ongoing lifestyle. See our full range of home loan product options here.

Useful loan features

Maximise the returns on your investment with our useful loan features – providing flexibility and cost savings.

  • Offset account – A great way to save on interest costs. The interest charged on your loan is calculated on the difference between the outstanding balance and the funds in your savings account.
  • Portability – Enables you can take a loan with you between different investment properties. Enjoy cost savings plus convenience.
  • Redraw – Provides access to funds where you are ahead with mortgage payments on certain loans. This may have tax implications. Not available for fixed rate loans.
  • Split loan – Enjoy the best of both worlds by fixing part of your loan while leaving the rest at a variable rate.

See our competitive In-House loan which is fully featured.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experienced home loan consultants to assess what your investment home loan options are,