Gary’s Radio Home Loan Tips

Is now a good time to buy an investment property?
If you have equity in your home, investing can be a great option.

How to prepare for further future interest rate rises?
Rates going up and down is a normal process, how to get ready.

How do I know if I can afford to buy my first home?
Take it easy and don’t rush in, test it with some tools here

What is ‘prudent lending’ & what caused the GFC?
What the banks require from a customer has now changed.

How do banks work out if they can give you a loan?
Its all about net disposable income, Gary tells us more.

What is an Offset Account & how does it benefit me?
Get clever & make your money work for you when you want.

How can I spend my tax return wisely?
A new plasma TV to help the economy or pay off the home loan?

How can I buy a small investment property?
Get clever & put the equity in your home to good use.

How can I reduce my home loan quicker?
How to get excited about your next bank statement.

When is a line of credit a good idea?
An interesting option, not for everyone.

Have you ever designed a home loan wish-list?
Most of us aren’t aware of what’s possible from a loan.

Do brokers really need so many lenders?
Staying informed when products rules & criteria change

How safe are lower rate non-bank loans?
Federal government making great deals even easier.

What are basis points & sovereign downgrades?
How they affect our interest rates.

Fixed your home loan at too high a rate?
How you can manage your way out of this.

Banks increased their fixed rates – what to do?
Government showing increasing support for non-banks.

Kids don’t qualify for first home owners grant?
How you can help them via equity in your home.

Is now a good time to fix your home loan?
Traps for young players, factors to be aware of.

Do you lose your home if a bank crashes?
How your mortgage is protected while you’re repaying.

What’s the effect of the latest interest rate drop?
Lowest rates since 1964; time to re-think your finance!

Should you include a new car in your home loan?
How to make the most of accessing your money.