5 Tips To Present The Most Attractive Offer

How many open homes have you been to every Saturday hoping to find that dream home?

Real Estate Agents meet so many groups and individuals on any given day at every open home.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the pack and be more attractive for the agent and hence, the vendor?

Understand what the vendor is looking for through the agent.

You see, as a buyer it is up to you to ask the right questions and be at the forefront of the agent’s mind.

What you have to know is that the agent’s loyalty is with the seller, however it’s a two-way street to get a deal done.

Remember, they need you just as much as you need them.

The art of crafting your offer starts weeks before you’ve even inspected the property that you want.

Here are 5 tips to make your offer from a position of strength:

  • Be Organised – Have all your financials in order. This includes your deposit, additional costs and pre-approvals in place, as well as ensuring your solicitor and broker are well aware of your intention to place an offer.
  • Communicate – Talk to the local agents in the area and let it be known you’re in the market and ready to buy.
  • Every Property Has a Story – As mentioned earlier, it’s your job as a buyer to understand why people are selling, just ask! This allows you to ‘sell’ your offer to the agent in the most attractive way possible.
  • Lower Resistance – Do your due diligence early. This includes Contract reviews, Building, Pest and (if required) strata reports. The less conditions you on your offer, you increase your chances in getting the deal done.
  • Know the Vibe – Before sending your offer through in writing, talk to the agent and let them know what your offer is going to be so you understand if it’s going to fly or not.

Lastly, be confident in your offer, know what the market value is based on previously sold properties in the area so you have evidence, knowledge in case they counter offer.

Overall, the key to a successful presentation of your offer comes down to the agent knowing how serious you are to buy and that you will be a clean transaction (ideally unconditional).

This makes the agent look good when they take your offer to put it in front of the vendor and they will love you for it!

Source:  The Real Estate Conversation 1st November 2019 https://www.therealestateconversation.com.au/news/2019/11/01/5-tips-present-the-most-attractive-offer/1572577236