Pros and cons for selling property over Christmas.

Is selling property over Christmas a good idea?

Tis the season to be jolly…but is it the season to sell property? One of the most sought after house selling tips is “when is the best time to sell my property?” and when it comes to discussing Christmas, opinions are divided. This is because there are both advantages and disadvantages to selling your property over the holidays.

One major practicality issue is the fact that many people choose the Christmas break to go on vacation. An obvious consequence of this would be a reduction in the number of potential buyers, but don’t overlook the possibility that your real estate agent might be taking some time off too! It is important to ensure that you have all your resources available to you if you plan to sell your house during this period.

The buyers who do continue to scout the market over the holidays may be suspicious of your house-selling motivations, wondering why you are devoting your time to getting rid of the property rather than opting to relax with your family. They might assume that you are in a desperate situation and need to sell your house quickly to relieve yourself of a financial debt or because you have already bought another home. If they believe that you are impatient to sell, buyers are more likely to make offers lower than the asking price with the result of either diminishing your profits or needlessly dragging out negotiations until you are satisfied.

However, others may argue that selling your property during Christmas can actually attract a better price for your house. During the holidays, the number of houses on the market decreases, reducing competition between sellers and increasing competition between buyers. As buyers bid to secure your home for themselves, they may end up offering far more than you originally asked. People who seek properties during the holiday months are usually fairly serious about purchasing and it is likely that you will make a quick sale as most buyers would want to have moved in and settled before the new year.

Christmas can also enhance the attractiveness of a property, not only because the first month of summer will provide a bright, sunny setting for your house but also because the festive season can make your home seem even more inviting. You can use this to your advantage by using some simple staging tips to guide your Christmas decorating efforts.

Choose tasteful decorations and use them sparingly. In preparing your home for sale, you have probably removed a lot of clutter and you don’t want to undo all your hard work by replacing it with an excess of decorations. You are aiming to capture the holiday spirit whilst giving the illusion that your home is larger and more spacious than it really is.

As such, try and replace your usual human-sized Christmas tree with something smaller, perhaps a table-top tree which can double as a centrepiece on the sideboard. If you are an avid fan of banners, try opting for a more natural theme by using evergreen garlands instead. Pack away any presents which may be laying around or restrict them to one corner in an attractive arrangement (try using groupings of 3 or 5).

Try and keep religious items to a minimum; you want the buyer to visualise themselves living in your home and this can be difficult if they are constantly being bombarded by reminders of your beliefs. Removing religious items will also serve to protect your privacy.

Should you decide that the sale of your house will benefit from being listed over the Christmas period, be sure to follow these simple tips and you will soon be free to enjoy the happy holidays with some extra cash in the bank!