Need a getaway? Whether you choose to holiday locally or overseas, the cost of a holiday can add up quickly!

Holiday Saving Tips

Need a getaway? Whether you choose to holiday locally or overseas, the cost of a holiday can add up quickly!

Flights, accommodation, tours, eating out, insurance, the list goes on.

But there are many ways to stash away cash for your getaway quicker, and save money whilst on your holiday.

Set a goal and plan

Where do you want to go? How long do you want to go for?
Consider your upfront costs such as flights, travel insurance and accommodation. You also need to think about your daily costs such as meals, tours, attractions, transfers/transport and general spending money.

Be disciplined with your spending

Create a budget, look at where your money is going and where you can cut back. If travelling is top of your list for 2017/2018 then you need to have good spending habits to make it happen.

Open a separate savings account

Transfer you holiday savings into a separate account. Not only will this limit your access to the funds but you will be able to easily see how your savings are growing.

Avoid peak holiday times

Avoiding the peak travel times and school holidays will not only mean that you will save money on flights and accommodation, it will also mean you’ll spend less time in queues at attractions.

Look at alternative accommodation options

Accommodation costs can add up quickly, the less you spend per night means you can spend more time there or have more money to spend on attractions. Use an accommodation comparison website such as Trivago, or consider AirBNB. If you feel more adventurous then camping could be a cheap alternative.

Take public transport

Whether it is the subways of New York, the tube in London, trams or buses, the public transport options in some of the world’s biggest tourist locations are reliable and can take you for a fraction of the cost of a taxi.

Travel Insurance

No-one plans on things going wrong whist enjoying a well-deserved holiday but you need to be prepared. Whether it’s lost luggage, flight delays, illness or injury, medical emergency or evacuation, having a comprehensive travel insurance policy can give you peace of mind should anything happen.

The information in this article is of a general nature only and does not consider your personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs