5 ways a freestanding tub can transform your bathroom

Your bathroom should be a space to relax and rejuvenate, and there’s no better way to add a luxe touch to one of the hardest working rooms in your home than with a freestanding bath. Take a look at these five ways a tub can make the bathroom your favourite room in the house, with expert tips from Elie Habib, head of Domayne’s Bathroom Design and Renovation Centre.

Make a big impact in a small space. Don’t let a compact bathroom cramp your style – a beautifully designed tub can change the entire look and feel of a small space. “there really are so many options available now”, says Elie. “There’s a shape and size to suit every bathroom, and all have design features that offer that ‘wow’ factor.”While many might think freestanding tub is only for larger bathrooms, Elie points out that this option makes it easier to move around, position and pick the best angle. The curved Victoria + Albert ‘Mozzano’ freestanding bath pictured has an ergonomic design that delivers a strong architectural presence in compact bathroom space.

Create a sanctuary at home. “Every bathroom should have a bath for relaxation and unwinding.” says Elie. “Designed well, they can be very comfortable – and you can choose between a one-person or a two-person option.” A deep and generously sized tub, like the ‘Pembroke’ bath pictured from Victoria + Albert, offers a luxurious and indulgent bath experience and helps to create the atmosphere of a shooting day spac at home.

Enjoy a soak with a view. The decision on where to place your bath is made a lot easier if your room features a window positioned at tub height. What could be more relaxing than laying back and enjoying views and fresh air? “If you have a bay window, that is a great advantage,” says Elie, who suggests using it to keep bath time necessities on hand. The ‘Amiata’ freestanding bath pictured, from Victoria +Albert, features gentle curves and elegant lines that perfectly complement modern and traditional bathrooms.

Think beyond white. While white is a safe option that will suit any room, there are other equally versatile options that can make a big impact while remaining timeless. “If you have a plain white bathroom and want the bathtub to be a feature, choosing another colour is a great option, ” says Elie. Stick with neutrals, such as the Victoria + Albert Marlborough Quarrycast fresstanding bath pictured here in stone grey, or customise to suit your personal style. “The beauty of this particular range is that you can choose any Dulux colour, or even go for a pattern or marble look.” says Elie.

Use your bath as a centrepiece. A beautiful bath can be the perfect focal point in any bathroom, if positioned correctly. “If possible, place your bath right as you walk into the room so it’s the first thing you see,” says Elie. “This ensures it is a real feature.” The Vcitoria + Albert ‘Terracca” freestanding bath pictured here makes for simple yet stylish centrepiece for the modern bathroom.

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