7 foolproof ways to instantly maximise a tiny living space

While tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular, feeling cramped is never in style. To make a petite space feel open and airy, try these simple decorating tips that are small in effort and big in impact.

  1. Multipurpose furniture. When there’s only room for a few key pieces of furniture, choosing items that double as storage or have a second use can make an enormous difference. A sofa that opens into a bed, an ottoman as a table or footrest and a coffee table or chairs with in-built storage are all ideal for apartment living.
  2. Mirror magic. While it might seem counterproductive, an oversized mirror makes a clever addition to a small room when used strategically. Lean it up against a wall in a spot that allows it reflect natural light. – this works particularly well in hallways – or hang several smaller ones together to bounce the sunlight around a room and create the illusion of windows.
  3. Create a focal point. Grouping collections together, whether it  be plates hanging on a wall or an assortment of vases huddled on a mantlepiece, makes a bigger impact than when they’re spread out. Create an eye-catching vignette in an otherwise calm space to draw attention to one area, leaving the rest of the room clean and minimal.
  4. Get the lighting right. If you’re lucky enough to have natural sunlight streaming into your home, the prospect of living in a small space is already looking much more appealing. Do what you can to help let the light in with sheer curtains and by keeping larger furniture items away from windows. At night, floor lamps with a small base won’t take up precious space.
  5. High-hanging artwork. Anything that draws the eye upwards will make a space appear bigger, so hanging art or photographs at the tops third of the wall above eyeline will help to elongate a room.
  6. Paint it white. Light colours expand a space, while dark colours contract it, so it makes sense to stick with fairer hues on the larger surfaces of a small home. Use white for walls, floors and ceilings to make the most of the natural light and help, a poky apartment to feel bright and airy.
  7. One in, one out. Keeping clutter to a minimum might seem obvious when it comes to making more space, however sometimes it’s easier said than done. A strict ‘one in, one out’ rule means that, each time you bring home a new item, whether it be a lamp, cushion or piece of furniture, another has to go. Sticking to this policy will make you think twice about the next purchase and only choose pieces you’ll love for a long time!

Source: http://www.homelife.com.au/decorating/living-dining/7-foolproof-ways-to-maximise-a-tiny-living-space?ref=/decorating/living-dining

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