6 tips to create the perfect living room

A living room should be the heart of your home ­– a place to relax with loved ones. To ensure yours is a sanctuary both stylish and soothing, try these expert tips from Domayne General Manager of Furniture, Amber Cooke.

Pictured above: Australian-made ‘Tribeca’ 2-piece modular sofa; Australian-made Mark Tuckey ‘Bronte’ coffee table.

1. Select furniture with the right look

Tailoring your furniture to perfectly complement your space can really change the look and feel of a room. While Domayne has a huge selection of sofas, modulars and chaise lounges, the most exciting part is the ability to customise. On our Australian made models, you can select between hundreds of fabric options, plus there’s the option for leather upholstery on selected furniture ranges. On selected Australian made furniture, you can even choose between timber or metal legs, and sofa arms that are thin, thick, square, round or designer.

2. Choose furniture that fits your space

Don’t settle for pieces that are too big or too small, no matter how much you love them. Squeezing furniture into your apartment living room, or having your furniture overshadowed by the sheer amount of space left over, will not create the welcoming living space you desire. To really make the most of what you have, bring your ideal measurements into Domayne and we can provide you with the perfectly sized piece.

Pictured above: Australian-made ‘Nesta’ 3.5 seater sofa; Australian-made Mark Tuckey ‘Bronte’ rectangular dining table.

3. Pick furniture that feels good

Only settle for furniture that looks great and feels comfortable. While it’s great to have pieces that make an impact on sight, your guests will still want somewhere to sit down and relax. Whether you like your furniture on the softer or harder side, Domayne can help you with our variety of fill options, including feather and fibre.

4. Select furniture from the same range

To create a cohesive look, select various sizes or styles of furniture from the same range. For example, have a three-seater framed by two armchairs, or a two-seater and a three-seater perpendicular to each other. At Domayne, we have many Australian made ranges to choose from – don’t forget you can customise them too!

Pictured above: Australian-made ‘Lorissa’ arm chair. 

5. Decorate sparingly but thoughtfully

Whether it’s splashes of colour or neutral tones you’re after, adding a few cushions, a vase, a lamp or two and some prints can help set the scene. It’s also worth taking any coffee or lamp tables into account, making sure that every surface has a use lest your room look crowded or superfluous.

6. Add some greenery

To finish off the perfect living room, a bit of nature never goes astray. Make use of any natural light that comes in through windows or skylights to have any indoor plants like maidenhair ferns, bamboo plants or succulents. Or, if you don’t consider yourself a green thumb, there are plenty of faux greenery options that will do the job nicely.

Pictured above: Australian-made ‘Dorset’ rectangular dining table.

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