5 sources of cash you’ve currently got lying around your house

Saving for something special (or tapped out from buying it)? Here’s where to find hidden dollars around your house.

1. Refund receipts. Got doctors’ bills you’ve yet to put through Medicare, filled scripts that attract a benefit from your health insurer, or perhaps you went for a remedial massage and forgot to claim? Most health funds and Medicare offer apps and online claiming, so you don’t even have to leave the house to get your money.

2. Unwanted household items. While you’re doing your super-clean, put aside unwanted items that you can either sell through online marketplaces (Gumtree is a great bet for household stuff), or by taking them to a second hand shop – you won’t get as much, but you can get more sorted in one transaction! What kinds of items sell well? Fitness equipment, working appliances (didn’t use that waffle maker after all?), bikes, fans, furnidhings, decorative items including vases and knick knacks, furniture (indfoors and out), unopened gifts and electronics and technology – think phones, gaming consoles unopened headphones and DVDs. You can even sell pot plants in decent health if you’re tired of them.

3. Clothing. Not just the stuff in your wardrobe – all those storage bags or under bed containers storing the things you’ll wear again ‘one day’ are better off converted into dollars. If they’re a designer brand in good condition, try a consignment store, or online merchants including Ebay or Facebook Marketplace are great places to sell off your unwanted clothing. Bonus tip: check the pockets first, they are a common spot for finding long forgotten cash.

4. Your wallet. The obvious cash and credit cards aside, your wallet is also home to loyalty program cards – many of which offer gift voucher options (and if your wallet is unorganised, you may well find a few of those lingering about too!) Log in and check your balances and if there is nothing bigger you’re working towards, redeem your points for gift cards to your fave places.

5. The couch and car. Getting your clean on can get you serious coin if you do it thoroughly. We’re talking down the sides of the couch (use your vacuun with a stocking over the end to catch coins, though be gentle so as not to rip the internal fabric), and especially down the sides of your car seats – these can be tricky customers to get out, we suggest running a flexible plastic ruler carefully down the sides. Be sure to clean through drawers and all your handbags while you’re in the cleaning groove. Other spots cash loves to hide? Washer and dryer seals, washing baskets and decorative plates and bowls used for key ‘dumping’.

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