Property Tips – To auction or not to auction

Selling by private treaty or auction is a highly debated topic both within the real estate industry and when sitting in front of sellers. Many argue that auctions are the best way to secure the highest sale price due to the competitive nature, others believe private treaty is the way to go.

Property Tips – Advice for first-time renovators

n 2014-2015, Australians did $7.2 billion worth of renovations that required approval. If that many people are already doing it, surely you can too. Here’s where to start.

Property Tips – Move, redesign or renovate?

The decision to move – or stay put and renovate – is often made as much with our hearts as with our heads.

Property Tips – Lighting your home: everything you need to know

Your lighting choices can have a significant impact on style, comfort, energy savings, and property value – here are a few pointers on how to find what’s best for you.