Money Saving Tips – Get 50% Back on Education Expenses!

Every month I engage in a search and discover mission to find everyday ways to save money so I can share them with you. One thing that all of us have in common is paying the tax man! Making sure you claim everything you’re entitled to can see you taking your money back from the tax […]

Money Saving Tips – 10 Money Apps for your iPhone including 6 Free Apps!

10 Money Saving Apps for iPhone Everywhere I go these days I carry my trusty iPhone with me and if you have an iPhone, I’m sure you’re exactly the same. With this amazing little device we carry being so easily accessible and full of endless information, it can be a great tool to manage, grow […]

Property Tips – Should you renovate before selling?

Sometimes a good spring clean and a coat of paint is all a property needs to attract more buyers, writes Paul Bond.

Property Tips – To auction or not to auction

Selling by private treaty or auction is a highly debated topic both within the real estate industry and when sitting in front of sellers. Many argue that auctions are the best way to secure the highest sale price due to the competitive nature, others believe private treaty is the way to go.

Money Saving Tips – Tips for first home buyers

Before you dive into the property market for the first time, the following tips will make sure you’re ready and comfortable with your choice.

Money Saving Tips – 5 money saving tips for the terrible saver

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees and the sad reality is that saving money can be an absolute nightmare. You earn some money, and then by the time you pay your taxes, rent, bills, and daily expenses, there’s barely anything left for your savings. And then there are those splurges every once […]

Money Saving Tips – Tips To Reduce Your Debt

Let’s face it, everyone who has debt is interested in finding out the quickest way to reduce it. Each month I research ways for Assured Home Loans customers to save money and then bring those money savings ideas to you.

Do It Yourself, Add Value To Your Home

Do It Yourself, Add Value to Your Home The wonderful Yahoo! Finance strikes gold once more, with a stunner of an article by Peter Boehm on how to improve the value of your home with some DIY projects. While the word renovations might send dollar signs spinning in front of your face, with some of […]

Property Tips – Advice for first-time renovators

n 2014-2015, Australians did $7.2 billion worth of renovations that required approval. If that many people are already doing it, surely you can too. Here’s where to start.

Money Saving Tips – Shopping on the Internet

For those of you who have been following my articles in the past, you’ll know that one of my philosophies is ‘Never pay more than you have to’. Like anything, you have to make something a habit to truly master it, so I make it my habit every single day to look for ways to […]